AIRIE Mission Statement

To set an example for ethical practices,
To pursue excellence in science and technology,
To seek global applications for fundamental discoveries,
To advance the geosciences for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants.

We will accomplish these goals by diligence and creativity, by engaging
other disciplines, embracing new ideas, and respecting diverse perspectives.
Re-Os Geochronology and Os Isotope Tracer Studies
Applied to Sulfides, Black Shales, and Hydrocarbons

Fundamental theoretical and applied practical application of Re-Os geochronology to geologic samples are found in the two papers below (access via the links below).

Stein, H.J. (2014) Dating and Tracing the History of Ore Formation, in Holland, H.D. and Turekian, K.K. (editors) Treatise on Geochemistry, Second Edition, v. 13, p. 87-118. Oxford: Elsevier.

Stein, H. and Hannah, J. (2015) Rhenium-Osmium geochronology sulfides, shales, oils, and mantle, in Rink, J. and Thompson, J. (editors), Earth Sciences Series, Encyclopedia of Scientific Dating Methods, Springer.