AIRIE Mission Statement

To set an example for ethical practices,
To pursue excellence in science and technology,
To seek global applications for fundamental discoveries,
To advance the geosciences for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants.

We will accomplish these goals by diligence and creativity, by engaging
other disciplines, embracing new ideas, and respecting diverse perspectives.
Re-Os Geochronology and Os Isotope Tracer Studies
Applied to Sulfides, Black Shales, and Hydrocarbons
Scientific Interests and Expertise
  • Leadership
  • Synergistic geoscience and geologic processes
Re-Os isotope geochemistry
  • Sulfides, ore deposits
  • Hydrocarbon (organic matter in shales, bitumen, oil, asphaltene-maltene fractions)
  • Timescales and correlation of global events in Earth history
  • Trace metals, toxicity
  • Mass extinctions
  • Tectonics and geochronology
  • Radiogenic and stable isotopes
The windy way to the village of Os, Norway
Most Memorable Accomplishment
Founding the AIRIE Program, leader of the team that successfully developed the Re-Os chronometer in molybdenite, then arsenopyrite and other sulfides. Sharing that discovery and technology with others.

Current Projects
Current projects span the petroleum and mineral industry from the Arctic to Australia. This combination, and our expertise from ores to oils and versatility in working with marine and lacustrine systems gives the AIRIE Program a unique skill set to untangle fluids in the crust fluids that lead to ore deposits, fluids associated with maturation and mobility of hydrocarbon, fluids in magmas, and fluids in sediments from the land surface to beneath the oceans.

Contact Information

  Dr. Holly Stein
  Senior Research Scientist and Director
  AIRIE Program
  Research Scientist, Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway
  e-mail for contact:
Gilsonite vein, Dragon Mine, Utah
Receipt of Helmholtz-Humboldt Research Prize, 2008